G2G for ArcGIS Desktop

G2G for ArcGIS Desktop 1.0

G2G is a P2P (peer to peer) extension for ArcGIS Desktop
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G2G is a P2P (peer to peer) extension for ArcGIS Desktop. The extension allows two or more users to collaborate without any intermediate server. G2G (gis to gis) supports:
1) Text chatting,
2) Exchange of map content (geo-referenced screenshots),
3) Ink and graphics collaboration (shared editing),
4) Share navigation (one person can pan the map display of other peers).
G2G for ArcGIS Desktop is represented as a new tab in the ArcMap table of contents labeled "Collaboration". To connect to the mesh (collection of peers), click the connect button on the main display. This will display a dialog that includes the following options:
1) Username - The name that you will be identified on the mesh as.
2) Password - An optional password for project protection/restriction.
3) Resolver - A central server or technology that allows peers to find each
other on a network.

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